Heartland Aeronautical Experience

Our Mission

Inspiring Individuals to Choose Aerospace Careers.

Our Vision

The Mobile Museum

HAE is developing a creative approach to exposing our target audience to careers in aviation and aerospace – a mobile air traffic control tower and aviation simulation classroom.

Our nonprofit organization’s goal is to “be a headhunter,” and show students the diverse spectrum of aerospace career opportunities, as well as give them a goal they can reach by staying in school, and taking the classes and necessary training.

Image Courtesy of Micronav

The ascending and descending control tower section will occupy half of the 53-foot long trailer, housing the continuous real-time air-to-tower-to-air radio transmissions, a real-time local weather screen, a real-time local radar weather screen, and a real-time local aircraft locator screen.  The control tower roof will have exposable skylights for overhead aircraft observations. The ascended control tower exit will lead out onto the lower trailer roof, planned as an observation deck. 

The frontal interior of the trailer will house a fixed-wing flight simulator, and a helicopter simulator.  The flight simulators may be scheduled for use by student pilots at reasonable fees, for the training of flight maneuvers and air traffic control communications practice, in a safe and less expensive environment.

Images and descriptions are conceptual and subject to change. The final design will be influenced by available funding.

Example Aviation & Aerospace Careers

airport, international, munich

Air Traffic Controller

cockpit, pilot, airplane


jet engine, aviation, aircraft

Aerospace Engineer

airport, airplane, transportation

Airport Operations

road, airplane, aircraft

Airline Operations

scoreboard, railway station, overhead projector

Aircraft Dispatch

Key Donors

HAE cannot succeed without the generosity of businesses and the general public. We are grateful for all donations and donations of any amount.