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As HEARTLAND AERONAUTICAL EXPERIENCE, INC. board members, we believe that this is a creative and positive approach for introducing youth, students, minorities, women and disabled veterans to the wonderful world of the aerospace industry.

This venue will result in new student starts for the diminishing pilot population, as well as more applicants for air traffic controller positions.  Our approach will also result in many new recruits for the many career opportunities in the broad field of the aerospace industry.

This exciting new approach to careers in the aerospace industry will also interest younger students to pursue the STEAM educational studies, to stay in school, and not become bored and lose interest in intellectual pursuits.

We plan this to be an “inspiring” aerospace experience!

You Can Make a Difference

President & Founder

William "Bill" Beck


For me, the fun of flying is the simulation of being free from earth’s bonds, and the
grandeur of one’s expanded horizons, visually. Initially, speed is exhilarating, however, the
higher one soars, the seeming slowing down process has a calming, and relaxing effect.
Coupled with the lapse rate effect, this then becomes ‘one cool happening’.

Written by:
William M. Beck

Bill is the President and Founder of the Heartland Aeronautical Experience. Bill has been a lifelong aviation enthusiast, with fond memories as a child of building aircraft models with his father. 


“Certainly, it is my joy and privilege to head up this global service!  I’m having the time of my life steering this organization as President!   HAE is the organized positive force for; Economic Development, Educational Attainment, Engineering Excellence, Entrepreneurial Achievement, and Excitement in Creativity.”

Bill Beck – Founder and Chairman


A Mobile Aerospace Career Museum that will showcase inspirational objects and experiences. The showpiece will be an area dedicated to a real life-like virtual reality air traffic control tower experience.  Visitors will experience a realistic viewing environment of being in a ten-story air traffic control tower, and with its’ realistic operations of sights and sounds.  



To raise funds 

To promote the education and motivation of youth, students, minorities, women, and disabled veterans toward careers in aviation and aerospace.

The organization will reinforce the importance of classes in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).